Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saying goodbye!

Is it okay to have your favorite young single adults?
                                         Kelsey Morgan off to BYU Idaho!
Well, Sister Wille does...tons of them!  Here are just a few examples of so many that could be cited!
                                                           Kelsey, Mike and Tyler
                                                                Andrew Auna
Joe Timoteo

                                                                      Tyler Sterling

Brian Morris

Eric Cook

Ryan & Stephanie Anderson

Nate Crockett and Colleen

Candy Chong and Chistina Acuna

Jessica Dickson

Stan, Mary, and Jihan

Tyler and Dita

Leanne Knudson

Mike Link and Morgan Montgomery

                                       A good bye cake from Brother Nelson

     Thanks a million to the staff for all they did for us on our mission!

            Taken out for breakfast just before we left the mission field!

Love basket....from Bellevue Institute!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lovely things happen living in "rough" neighborhoods......Waking up to fun!

                                                         So much for our new tires!

            Brownie failure the same day!  Ugh! (won't come out of pans!)

Chary and Jeremy and family visiting Washington!

                            A visit to the Pacific Science Center downtown Seattle!

                                                               The Beatles laser show

       The kids had so much fun at the water park at City Center!

                                                Lake Washington - swimming fun!

                                             Yummy Washington chocolate noodles!

                                                                 Snoqualmie falls

                                                                      Pikes Market downtown!

Kubotas Gardens

Attending Family Home Evenings in the Sammamish YSA Ward

Spiritual moments at Institute- toilet paper dodge ball!